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Whether you are looking for a NEW home theater screen with or without multiple formats, a presentation screen, a large cinema screen, or spare parts for an old screen, AVI Solutions Plus has the expertise to assist you.

Do not stop there! Consider enhancing the room decor with artwork or photographs. Our DECORATV conceals the TV with beautiful art and decorative picture frame.

TV Concealment
Enhance your room decor by concealing your TV with a decorative frame and a beautiful artwork or photograph of your choice

Vutec Screens, ArtScreen & DECORATV’s Controls, triggers, mounting hardware, motors and more

Masking Screens
Maximize the image quality with a screen capable of multiple formats

Projection Screens
Get a Larger Than Life Picture and enjoy  a True Cinematic Experience!

Ultimate Movie Player
Elevate the movie-watching experience at home the way it was intended enough to transport you into the filmmaker’s story

Screen Concealment
Enhance your room decor by concealing your Screen with a beautiful artwork or photograph

AVI Solutions Plus, LLC  was founded by former executive-level employees of Vutec Corporation. 
On November 9, the Florida-based video manufacturer Vutec known for its screens announced that it was shutting down.
The company offered brands such as Silverstar, Vutec Lectric 1, Vutec Lectric 2, Vutec Lectric 3, Vutec Lectric 4, Vu Easy Fixed, Vision XWF, Vision XFV Masking System, Vision XFH Masking System, Vision XMV Masking System, Vision XMH Masking System, Elegante Motorized, Elegante Fixed, Retracta Vu Rising Screen, Retracta Vu Pro Traveller, Retracta Projector Lift, Retracta Scissor Lift, Artscreen, ArtScreen SoundScape 360, ArtScreen Studio Series and ArtScreen Theater Art System. These brands are a choice of fixed frame, motorized screens, masking systems and TV art-based cover solutions with a decorative picture frame. To learn more about Vutec click here.

Learn more about DECORATV TV Concealment click here